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Flomeko 2022 will be held in China, November 1-4 , 2022, being the 19th Conference of IMEKO TC9 (Flow measurement), following a long tradition of scientific events organized since the first one that took place in Groningen (the Netherlands) in 1978. The 12th Flomeko was held in Guilin (China) in 2004. The last FLOMEKO was held in Lisbon (Portugal) in 2019.

The requirements on flow measurement have been increasing recently, especially in the field of environment and health. To meet the demands of carbon emission peak and carbon neutrality, new flow measurement fields arise, such as hydrogen, CCS (Carbon Capture and Store) and so on. To against Covid-2019, the requirement on the small flow rate has been increasing dramatically.

Flomeko 2022 will bring together experts from industry, national metrology institutes, metrology and testing laboratories, regulators, service providers and other stakeholders from all over the world. With the papers and presentations, the newest information and knowledge in flow measurements will be provided and shared.

Looking forward to seeing you in Chongqing,

The Org. Committee

Important Dates

Please Attention : Flomeko 2022 conference date is  postponed to November 1-4 , 2022

·Abstract Submission Deadline 18 March,2022(Finished)

· Abstract Approval Notification 8 May, 2022(Finished)

· Full paper Submission Deadline 15 July, 2022(Finished)

· Video Submission Deadline 30 September, 2022

· Conference Registration Deadline 30 September, 2022


The event will cover a wide variety of topics including but not limited to:

  • Liquid, gas & multi-phase flows
  • Air speed, volume
  • Fluid properties
  • Hydrocarbon flows, e.g.: LNG, CNG and so forth
  • Primary standards, new calibration, and inter-comparison facilities
  • Critical Flow Venturi Nozzles
  • Legal Metrology in Flow Measurement
  • Analysis and assessment of uncertainties
  • Development and performance of flow metering technology
  • Micro-flow technology
  • New applications in healthcare, saving energy and protecting the environment
  • Computer-modelling applications
  • New fields, such as Hydrogen, CO2 and so forth


IMEKO is a non-governmental federation of 42 Member Organizations individually concerned with the advancement of measurement technology. Its fundamental objectives are the promotion of

-international interchange of scientific and technical information

-in the field of measurement and instrumentation and

-the enhancement of international co-operation among scientists and engineers from research and industry.

About NIM

The National Institute of Metrology, China (hereinafter referred to as NIM) was established in 1955 and is affiliated to the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR). It is the nation’s highest research facility of measurement science, a national statutory authority in the field of metrology, and a non-profit R&D institution. Since establishment, NIM aims to be a pioneer of the metrology community. It has played an important role in supporting national economic construction, social development as well as scientific and technological progress.

About CSM

CSM is a national, academic, non-profit community group who was approved of registration by the Ministry of Civil. CSM accepted the AQSIQ and China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) as business supervisor, and CSM is member of CAST. CSM represent China to participate International Metrology Confederation (IMEKO), and served as the member of organization's council. 23 experts from China was undertaken primary duties in technical committees (TC) among 24 TCs in IMEKO.


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